Jack Gambro Design
Jack Gambro Design


Services & Specialties 

Below we describe what Jack offers and what capacity he can deliver it in. Some of our capabilities include branding, marketing, and merchandise. 

Below we describe what Jack offers and what capacity he can deliver it in. Some of our capabilities include branding, marketing, and merchandise. 


Logos, Identity, & Branding

One of the most important aspects of establishing your brand is its visual identity. By having various logos, marks, and icons to promote your organization, marketing and promotion becomes much more easy and recognizable to your audience. We have developed all types of logos and identities for musicians, teams, events, and much more. The visual identity does not stop with a logo. We are also sure to create the perfect combination of fonts, colors, and collateral to compliment each indivudal asthetic we develope. 

Marketing, Promotion, & Social Media


After being established as a brand or organization, the next step is to spread the word. Luckily, we will take care of this process as well. By producing hundreds of printed posters, flyers, brochures, and social media campaigns, we know the ins and outs about how to reach the market you are targeting. With also have in field experience exclusively promoting and administering social media accounts to enhance web presence of our clients. It doesn't have to stop there!  We also work with a strong team of videographers, annimators, sound engineers, and more to fit any promotional needs. 

Merchandise & Apparel

Another key piece of evolving your organization is creating physical products. From tour merchandise to storefront signage, we have been able to create or alter custom artwork to perfectly fit whatever our client is producing. 





The music industry is what initiated Jack Gambro Design's professional experience. By producing single covers, album artwork, and other types of music packaging for high profile clients, we were able to expand our practice into more collateral such as tour merchandise and promotion, flyers and posters, and branded identities for start-ups and artists within this field. We have worked with respected hip-hop artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wale, and Malik Yusef. 


Another focal pint of Jack Gambro Design's portfolio is sports and athletics. We have provided our services or teams, leagues, players, organizations and more! Jack has also been hired as a consultant to design brands focused on reporting strictly on sporting events. During the summer of 2017, Jack worked as a graphic design intern for the Joliet Slammers and worked closely with their marketing department to develop original promotional give aways, new logos, and brand a week of All Star events hosted by the team.  



From corporate offices to start-up businesses, Jack Gambro Design has been able to create visual representations from scratch. By working closely with each individual client and understanding what their motivations are, dozens of brands have been develop so they can become more established. With affordable prices and an eye for detail, new companies and existing ones can take advantage of Jack's talents while introducing their identities to their customers. During his time at Dominican University, Jack worked closely with students and professors in the Brennan School of Business to have a better understanding of this particular industry.