Below is a list of services I offer, past projects I have worked on, and more about what I do and who I am. 

Logos, Identity, & Branding

One of the most important aspects of establishing your brand is its visual identity. By having various logos, marks, and icons to promote your organization, marketing and promotion becomes much more easy and recognizable to your audience. I have developed all types of logos and identities for musicians, teams, events, and much more. The visual identity does not stop with a logo. We are also sure to create the perfect combination of fonts, colors, and collateral to complement each individual aesthetic I develop.

Marketing, Promotion, & Social Media


After being established as a brand or organization, the next step is to spread the word. Luckily, I will take care of this process as well. By producing hundreds of printed posters, flyers, brochures, and social media campaigns, I know the ins and outs about how to reach the market you are targeting. I also have in field experience exclusively promoting and administering social media accounts to enhance web presence of my clients. It doesn't have to stop there! We also work with a strong team of videographers, animators, sound engineers, and more to fit any promotional needs.


Merchandise & Apparel

Another key piece of evolving your organization is creating physical products. From tour merchandise to storefront signage, I have been able to create or alter custom artwork to perfectly fit whatever our client is producing. I have been lucky enough to see countless designs come to live in the form of apparel. Whether is was for athletic teams, musicians, clothing companies, or even fundraisers, I am also happy to supply the highest quality artwork to be printed onto fabric. During my time at Dominican University, I designed over 20 types of clothing that were used by various organizations, clubs, and evernts.